HNS-12 is a polymer type humidity sensor that keeps high performances for a longer period. This sensor has a unique feature which resistance value does not extremely increase in the lower humidity ranges. It means that very accurate measurement is possible in a wider humidity range. Additionally, just a simple measuring circuit is required because of its smaller temperature dependency and narrower distribution of resistance values.

This sensor works with various flexible operational methods without strict restrictions, and has excellent resistivity to low humidity, high temperature/high humidity, and contamination by oil mists or cigarette smokes etc. The most suitable application would be for air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, automatic dampers for green houses, etc. It is recommended to use this sensor for detecting or monitoring lower humidity ranges, such as living environment monitors, as the accuracy in higher humidity ranges may be slightly lowered. In addition to the sensor itself, a ready-for-use measuring unit (HNU-12) is also available.
A recommended measuring circuit is available upon request.

Housing material:PP resin (natural)


HNS-12's Structure

Target gases and Concentration

Gas Detection Range
Humidity 10 - 90%RH
Gas sensitivity characteristics


Items Ratings
Measuring accuracy < ± 5% RH
Supply voltage AC1 V(is recommended.)
Frequency 500 – 2 kHz(1kHz is recommended.)
Ambient Temperature In operation 0 - +60°C
In storage -20 - +60°C