NAP-505 gas sensor is our standard type of electrochemical CO gas sensor for a CO detector for domestic use.
Detection principle is quite the same as conventional one, but quite cheaper than conventional ones due to unique structure and renovated electrodes. NAP-505 has already been approved by UL. (UL2034 – Residential CO detectors) As there are various types of NAP-505 as shown below, please contact us for detailed information.


NAP-505's Structure

Target gases and Concentration

Gases Detection Range
Carbon monoxide CO  0 - 1,000 ppm

Gas sensitivity characteristics

Gas Concentration & Output Current
 Carbon monoxide CO 40±10 nA / ppm CO
Gas sensitivity characteristics


Items Ratings
Repeatability Less than ±2%
Response time T90: Within 30 sec.
Zero point drift <10ppm (-20 - +50°C)
Ambient Temperature In operation -20 - +50°C
Ambient humidity In operation 15 - 90%RH
Span drift Less than ±5%/Year
Expected lifetime 6 years