NSU-131A and 131AF are ready-for-use units with Nemoto catalytic type gas sensors already calibrated. Outputs are obtained in mV order when the rated DC voltage is supplied to the units. The alarm concentration is preset at 10% of LEL of natural gas or hydrogen gas, but custom calibration is available upon request.


NSU-131AF's Structure

Gas sensitivity characteristics

Items Ratings, Output voltage
Delay at initially energized 90 seconds
Response speed 90% response within 30 seconds
Calibrated Alarm concentration 10±1%LEL, Methane 4500 - 5500ppm, Hydrogen 3600 - 4400ppm
Calibration range 5 - 25%LEL
Output in clean air -18 - -22 mV


Items Ratings
Supply voltage DC 2.5±0.1V
Current (when rated voltage is supplied) DC 150 - 170mA
Ambient Temperature In operation -20 - +80°C
In storage -20 - +70°C
Ambient humidity In operation 95%RH or less
In storage 95%RH or less(No dew condensation)