NIS-02C is the newest version of our ionization smoke chamber containing a radioisotope 241Am as well. However the radioactivity is less than 10 KBq that is the border line stipulated in BSS (Basic Safety Standard) issued by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Association), therefore this sensor does not need to be treated as a radioactive product. Thus no restriction is applied on its storage, usage, and disposal. This NAP-02C is designed to have complete compatibility with NIS-09C in its dimensions, appearance, and smoke sensitivity for users’ easy replacement of the smoke chamber currently used.
Besides, discontinue the production of NIS-09C.


NIS-02C's Structure

Gas sensitivity characteristics

Items Value
Output in clean air(9V Supplied) 5.9 ± 0.5 V
Sensitivity, 2%/foot 0.75 ± 0.2 V


Items Ratings
Supply voltage DC 6 - 12V
Nuclide Am241, less than 7.4KBq
Current 7 ± 2pA
Ambient Temperature 0 - +50°C
Ambient humidity <95%RH