NE7-CO-H series hydrogen sensitivity compensated type carbon monoxide gas sensors which are suitable for fixed applications.

There are 2 types in this series, one is the standard type, 0-1000ppm of CO, and another one is for high concentration of CO, 0-1%. These types have 4 electrodes, and hydrogen gas sensitivity is compensated internally.

Then, such one is very suitable for the measurement of CO gas concentration in the exhaust gas from gas or oil combustion equipment without interference of hydrogen gas in incomplete combustion gas.

By adhering to industry standards for size and connection orientation, the NE4-CO-H can be retrofitted easily to existing product designs.


NE7-CO-H10000's Structure

Target gases and Concentration

Gases Detection Range
Carbon monoxide CO 0 - 1 %

Gas sensitivity characteristics

Gas Concentration & Output Current
 Carbon monoxide CO 15±4nA / ppm of CO
Gas sensitivity characteristics


Items Ratings
Maximum overload 2%
Repeatability Less than ±2%
Resolution 4ppm
Response time T90: Less than 40 sec.
Typical Baseline Range (pure air) -10 - +50ppm
Ambient Temperature In operation -20 - +50°C
Ambient humidity In operation 15 - 90%RH
Long term stability Less than 5% signal loss/year