NE4-H2S is a hydrogen sulfide gas sensor for industrial applications, and 3 types except standard type (H2S-100, H2S-200 and H2S-500) are also available as described in the next page.
The most suitable type can be easily selected according to the applications.
Output current is fairly large, it means that it can detect fairly low concentration of hydrogen sulfide, and additionally, since it has excellent selectivity, resistivity and responsibility, it is applicable in wide applications.
By adhering to industry standards for size and connection orientation, the NE4-H2S can be retrofitted easily to existing product designs.


NE4-H2S's Structure

Target gases and Concentration

Gases Detection Range
Hydrogen sulfide H2S  0 - 100 ppm

Gas sensitivity characteristics

Gas Concentration & Output Current
 Hydrogen sulfide H2S 500±100nA / ppm H2S
Gas sensitivity characteristics Recommended measuring circuit


Items Ratings
Repeatability Less than ±2%
Response time T90: Less than 30 sec.
Zero offset drift Less than ±1 ppm (-20 - +50°C)
Ambient Temperature In operation -20 - +50°C
Ambient humidity In operation 15 - 90%RH