NE4-Cl2 is a chlorine gas sensor.  Since the output current is fairly large, it can detect the low concentration of Cl2 with good accuracy.  Additionally, as it has very excellent repeatability, long term stability, selectivity and resistivity, it is useful for the concentration control of Cl2 at water sterilization.  By adhering to industry standards for size and connection orientation, the NE4-Cl2 can be retrofitted easily to existing product designs.

Body color:Light yellow


NE4-Cl2's Structure

Target gases and Concentration

Gases Detection Range
Chlorine Cl2  0 - 10 ppm

Gas sensitivity characteristics

Gas Concentration & Output Current
Chlorine Cl2 600±150nA / ppm Cl2
Gas sensitivity characteristics Recommended measuring circuit
NE4-Cl2 NE4-Cl2


Items Ratings
Repeatability Less than ±2%
0.1 ppm
Response time T90: Less than 40 sec.
Zero offset drift Less than 0.2 ppm (-20 - +40°C)
Ambient Temperature In operation -20 - +50°C
Ambient humidity In operation 15 - 90%RH