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Nemoto Sensor Engineering Co., Ltd.


  • ・ Born in 1957
  • ・ Joined the company in 1979
  • ・ Inaugurated as Representative Director in 2018

<Recruitment message>

Would you like to contribute to the safe and secure life of people around the world?

Nemoto's sensors are used in more than 50 countries around the world to quietly support people's safe and secure lives.Although we are a small and medium-sized enterprise, we have been expanding overseas since the 90s.There are many opportunities for business trips to various parts of the world, and you can play an active role by making the most of your specialty.There are also many opportunities to do a wide range of work that large companies cannot experience.You can experience face-to-face customer support, manufacturing site support, laboratory assistants, sensor disassembly surveys, process audits, and other tasks regardless of the department you are assigned to.And the accumulated experience will be utilized in each work.

<Future demand for gas sensors>

Business environment surrounding Nemoto

The gas sensors we provide are for preparing for breakdowns and accidents that can usually be prevented if you are careful, so it is difficult to be recognized as an added value, and it is not always essential in daily real life and industrial production activities. It cannot be said that it is an item of.However, in recent years, regulations on safety have continued to be tightened in both developed and emerging countries, and it has become a core product indispensable for the realization of safe and secure social life. Since 2000, the demand for gas sensors has continued to grow worldwide due to the expansion of fields that require gas sensors, and it is expected that the average annual growth will be 6% or more worldwide.

<What kind of corporate image do you aim to respond to? >

Nemoto's Mission Vision
Value (MVV)

Gas sensors are the last bastion to save lives.When will gas leaks and abnormal combustion of combustion equipment come?In the "what if" that may not come, you have to make sure that it works correctly.Since the malfunction of the gas sensor is directly linked to human life, no malfunction is found.The MVV that we are looking for is to quickly grasp the needs of the market, develop optimal products with a good balance between cost and performance, and provide a stable supply of high-quality and highly reliable products. ..

<Introduction of human resources to be sought again>

  • It is important to be interested in various phenomena and use your imagination not only in your work but also in your hobbies and real life in order to enrich your life.We seek people who can use the knowledge and information gained in the process to develop new products, develop products, and improve productivity.
  • We, Nemoto Sensor Engineering, are small and medium-sized enterprises.Not only do limited personnel handle the assigned work, but when faced with work that transcends the boundaries of their own department or various problems / issues, they think for themselves and challenge and overcome areas without experience or knowledge. We are looking for someone who has the ability to carry out.
  • The ability to draw out the true intentions and needs of customers, the ability to accurately develop that information within the company, the ability to persuade customers and people regardless of the company, and the ability to communicate smoothly in any occupation are indispensable.We are looking for someone who has the ability to convey one's thoughts to others and to draw out and empathize with others' thoughts.

I'm looking for someone like this


Have curiosity and interest in various things

Execution power

Challenge to unknown territory

Communication skills

Communicate your thoughts and draw out the thoughts of others

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