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Active spread both domestically and internationally

Domestic business partners

Overseas business partners

Job types that support the company

At Nemoto Sensor Engineering, we have many fields in which you can play an active role.
We will introduce the work contents of "Sales Group", "Development Group", "Manufacturing Group", "Quality Assurance Office" and "Management Group".

Sales group

Proposal-type sales stance that expands business opportunities

  • Supporting existing customers

    Orders, delivery adjustments, aftercare

  • Cultivating new customers

    Information gathering and inquiries

  • Market research

    Exhibition / inspection, understanding of needs

  • Input to development / manufacturing

    Market communication, sales strategy, product planning

Development group

Thinking daily to create innovative products

  • Element technology research and development

    Research and development of basic principles and technologies

  • Sensor design and development

    Design and development of sensors based on elemental technologies

  • Applied product design and development

    Design and development of applied products such as detectors

  • Customer technical support, design support

    Supporting customer product design, etc.

  • Manufacturing technical support

    Productivity / quality in cooperation with manufacturing / quality
    Aim for improvement

Manufacturing group

Stable provision of high-quality and reliable products

  • Production control

    Production planning, material procurement, work man-hour management,
    Inventory management, delivery date management

  • Process control

    Standardization of work, improvement of productivity,
    Quality maintenance

  • Management of overseas factories

    Production quantity, process maintenance, delivery date

  • Improvement activities

    Small group activities, improvement proposals

  • Equipment development

    Structural design, circuit design, automation

Quality Assurance Room

The “last bastion” of product manufacturing

* Quality is monitored independently of manufacturing.

  • Process quality control

    Maintaining quality in the process from various angles

  • Product quality assurance

    Maintenance and verification of product quality

  • Quality control of parts

    Quality check of parts

  • Raw material safety management

    Management of environmentally hazardous substances, etc.

  • customer service

    Responding to quality survey requests

Management group

Supporting business activity decision-making from the side

* We work in collaboration with the head office.

  • Accounting operations

    Preparation and analysis of financial statements

  • Finance business

    Cash flow, deposit / withdrawal management

  • Labor work

    Payroll, social insurance procedures

  • Personnel operations

    Recruitment, personnel evaluation

  • General affairs

    Telephone response, equipment management, document management

  • Legal work

    Contract management

Corporate culture and climate

A warm and airy company

It is a very warm company that values ​​not only customers but also employees and partners.In addition, the corporate culture is flat and airy, and there is a culture in which even young people can speak freely.

Only to us
Pursuing what cannot be done

We specialize in specialized fields and continue to provide products and solutions that we can provide with confidence, so the entire company is united in pursuing "what only we can do".

Looking at the long time
Proposals to customers

By sensing gas, we are proposing to our customers the development of next-generation products that have never been seen before, such as efficient product control and life diagnosis.We will continue to pursue the possibilities of gas sensing for the next hydrogen society and sustainable society.

A company that you can associate with with peace of mind for a long time

The development and manufacture of gas sensors that take care of human life is also a heavy responsibility, and it is adopted after a certain evaluation period from the development.A company that continuously supplies the same materials, the same parts, and the same quality.We, Nemoto Sensor Engineering, are a long-selling company that you can associate with with peace of mind for a long time.

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