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In general, we will answer many questions.

Q.1Is there a circuit for evaluation?

A.We handle it.Contact sales.

Q.2How long does the sensor last?

A.It depends on the sensor.Please refer to the catalog for details.

Q.3Do you sell gas cylinders for evaluation?

A.We do not sell it.Please contact your local gas dealer.

Q.4Is it possible to purchase equipment to calibrate sensor equipment?

A.We accept the production of simple equipment.Please contact our sales department for details.

Q.5What does the response time "T90" mean?

A.Response time until the sensor shows 90% of the output for that concentration.The shorter this value is, the faster the detection speed of the sensor.

Q.6When I made my own circuit and used it, the behavior is strange.Is it possible to analyze the cause?

A.We accept consultations, but behaviors other than the recommended circuits are not covered.

Q.7Is it possible to repair the gas sensor?

A.We are sorry, but the sensor cannot be repaired.

Q.8Is it possible to make inquiries about sensors that have expired the warranty period?

A.We will do our best to accommodate you, but please consider purchasing a new one as it is out of warranty.

Q.9Can you evaluate the sensor after the test?

A.Although it is possible, it may not be possible to evaluate depending on the content of the test.

Q.10How much sensitivity is there other than the target gas?

A.It depends on each sensor.Please refer to the catalog for details.