Purpose and Philosophy

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Through technology and services, we will contribute to the realization of a safer, more secure and healthier society.

Philosophy / Policy

Group Management Philosophy01

Nemoto contributes to people, society, and the global environment through corporate activities.
Nemoto aims to be the world's No. 1 company with unique technologies and products that are world-class.

Management policy

  1. Aiming for management that maximizes customer satisfaction by actively responding to customer needs and providing high-quality products and services
  2. Aiming for management that allows workers to have awareness and pride in their work and to lead a happy life with their families
  3. Aiming for management that secures sound profits and returns appropriate dividends to shareholders
  4. Aiming for technology-oriented management that anticipates changes in the times and actively engages in unique technology development
  5. Aiming for proper division of labor and coexistence from the perspective of global management
  6. Aim for active management based on specialization, diversification, and internationalization in order to achieve continuous development of the company
  7. All aspects of business activities In production activities, product development, manufacturing, and sales, we will comply with laws and regulations and plan business operations with consideration for the protection of the global environment.

Group Environmental Philosophy02

Nemoto recognizes that the protection of the global environment is the most important issue common to all humankind.

We will act in consideration of the protection of the global environment in all aspects of our corporate activities.

Environmental policy (action guidelines)

Based on the correct awareness of environmental issues, we will carry out the following environmental protection activities to protect and improve the global environment.

  1. We will comply with environmental laws, standards and other requirements, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Aim for corporate activities based on circulation by reducing the burden on the environment as much as possible
    1. (1) Minimize the release of environmental pollutants into the atmosphere and water systems
    2. (2) Strive to reduce the amount of all waste and dispose of it in a complete manner.
    3. (3) Promote effective use of resources and energy savings through recycling, use of recycled paper, power saving, green procurement, etc.
    4. (4) At the stage of research and development and design of products, we aim to develop, manufacture and sell products that are environmentally friendly and have less environmental impact, considering the environment and safety.
  3. Actively participate in activities such as local environmental protection and aim for coexistence with neighboring residents
  4. Through environmental conservation education and corporate activities, we will inform people who work for the organization and those who work for the organization (employees) about the environmental policy and purpose.
  5. Set specific environmental objectives and targets, review the system regularly, and make continuous improvements.
  6. In developing overseas business, we will consider environmental protection and comply with the environmental standards of the destinations.
  7. Information on environmental protection will be disclosed to the outside

Group Quality Philosophy03

Nemoto aims for "management that maximizes customer satisfaction"

We proactively respond to customer needs and provide high-quality products and services.

<1.1 Quality Policy>

With quality as the first priority, we will actively promote the development of new applications for sensors by integrating manufacturing, sales, and technology.

We will contribute to the safety and security of people and aim for lasting management.

  1. We always recognize the importance of customer satisfaction in our production activities and their products, meet the requirements, and continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  2. Regarding our production activities and products, we will work on the following items as important themes of the quality management system.
    1. (1) Continue to improve quality, develop new products, and make proposals in anticipation of customer needs and expectations.
    2. (2) Providing products that meet customer requirements and legal / regulatory requirements
  3. Document and post the quality policy and make it known to all departments and employees.
  4. Based on the quality policy, set the quality target of the company and review it every year.
  5. Everyone strives for self-improvement to achieve their goals and contributes to the development of the company and the prosperity of society.
  6. We value the natural environment, always put safety first, and contribute to the local community.
  7. The quality policy will be reviewed as appropriate by management review and if necessary.

<1.2 Quality Target>

  1. Continue to promote quality improvement activities based on ISO9001: 2015
  2. Achieve a 1% reduction in cost of sales by striving to improve productivity and reduce costs
  3. Actively use external organizations and systematically implement education on quality improvement
  4. Effectively utilize various information from sales activities, strive to develop and propose new products and new technologies, and provide products and technologies with high customer satisfaction.
  5. Efficiently develop products that meet customer needs
  6. Realize a safe and secure workplace trusted by customers

Policy on Conflict Minerals04

We support the purpose and purpose of the US Legislation on Conflict Minerals and the EU Conflict Minerals Regulations.
From a social responsibility perspective, we are a source of funding for armed groups in conflict and high-risk areas, and tin and tungsten that cause human rights violations (forced labor, trafficking, child labor, etc.), environmental destruction, and corruption. With the cooperation of our business partners, we will promote efforts that do not use gold, gold, or tantalum as raw materials.
If we discover the use of such conflict minerals in the materials and parts we procure, we will immediately take the necessary steps to stop the use of the materials and parts in question.