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Create value,
We will continue to be a company that can share emotions.

Nemoto Sensor Engineering was established in 2008 when the parent company Nemoto & Co., Ltd.'s sensor business division became independent, but although it has a short history as a company, its business history began in 1978 and continues to the present day.
The Purpose of the Nemoto Group is "Contributing to the realization of a safer, more secure and healthy society through technology and services." Our motto is to develop and provide products that are useful for the safety and security of society. We will continue to do so, and we ask for your continued support.

The origin of Nemoto that does not change.

The Nemoto Group has many businesses born from the founder's belief [Global Niche Top].Gas sensor technology, which was a part of this, has grown to attract attention even from the background of the times these days.
Nemoto Sensor Engineering will continue to work on management that maximizes customer satisfaction while leveraging its strengths as before.

Thoughts on Nemoto's manufacturing.

With the management philosophy of "contributing to the safety and security of people and aiming for lasting management," each and every one of us manufactures with the responsibility and awareness of manufacturing the main products of safety devices that protect the lives and property of our customers. I am.We manage the process from product development → evaluation → adoption → mass production in-house and supply it to our customers.
Recently, it has become difficult to build a production system that continuously supplies products due to material shortages and infectious diseases.Nemoto Sensor Engineering is working as a group to anticipate such problems in advance and work to resolve them.
We will continue to make things while always thinking about what should be changed and what should not be changed.

Nemoto's new challenge.

In recent years, technological innovations in the fields of communication and electricity storage have been remarkable.By applying these technologies, the demand for gas detection and continuous gas measurement in special environments, which was difficult to realize, is increasing.
We will continue to take on the challenge of a wide variety of gas sensing technologies, such as the development of highly durable gas sensors that can be used in these special environments, and the technology for selectively measuring a single gas from complex gases.Aiming to become a further global niche top, Nemoto Sensor Engineering will open up a new era.